The Science of Tru-D

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Individual Studies:

Enhanced terminal room disinfection and acquisition and infection caused by multidrug-resistant organisms and Clostridium difficile (the Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room Disinfection study): a cluster-randomised, multicentre, crossover study

Dr Deverick J Anderson, MD, Dr Deverick J Anderson, Dr Deverick J Anderson, Luke F Chen, MBBS, Prof David J Weber, MD, Rebekah W Moehring, MD, Sarah S Lewis, MD, Patricia F Triplett, MD, Michael Blocker, MD, Paul Becherer, MD, J Conrad Schwab, MD, Lauren P Knelson, MSPH, Yuliya Lokhnygina, PhD, William A Rutala, PhD, Hajime Kanamori, MD, Maria F Gergen, MT ASCP, Prof Daniel J Sexton, MD for the CDC Prevention Epicenters Program The Lancet

C.Diff, MRSA, UV Disinfection

‘No Touch’ Technologies For Environmental Decontamination: Focus On Ultraviolet Devices And Hydrogen Peroxide Systems

David J. Weber, Hajime Kanamori, and William A. Rutala Sample Americal Journal of Infectious Diseases

This article reviews ‘no touch’ methods for disinfection of the contaminated surface environment of hospitalized patients’ rooms. The focus is on studies that assessed the effectiveness of ultraviolet (UV) light devices, hydrogen peroxide systems, and self disinfecting surfaces to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). This article reviews ‘no touch’ methods for

C.Diff, Tru-D Specific Data, UV Disinfection

Effectiveness of ultraviolet devices and hydrogen peroxide systems for terminal room decontamination: Focus on clinical trials

David J.Weber MD, MPH, William A. Rutala PhD, MPH, Deverick J. Anderson MD, MPH, Luke F. Chen MBBS, MPH, Emily E. Sickbert-Bennett PhD, MS, John M. Boyce MD

C.Diff, UV Disinfection

Room Decontamination with UV Radiation

William A. Rutala, PhD, MPH; Maria F. Gergen, MT (ASCP); David J. Weber, MD, MPH

C.Diff, Tru-D Specific Data, UV Disinfection

Evaluation of an automated ultraviolet radiation device for decontamination of Clostridium difficile and other healthcare-associated pathogens in hospital rooms

Michelle M Nerandzic, Jennifer L Cadnum, Michael J Pultz and Curtis J Donskey MD.., BMC Infectious Diseases 2010, 10:197

Tru-D Specific Data, UV Disinfection

Sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation of Lassa, Vaccinia, and Ebola viruses dried on surfaces

Sensitivity to UV Radiation Ebola 2010

MRSA, Tru-D Specific Data, UV Disinfection, VRE

First UK evaluation of an automated ultraviolet-C room decontamination device (Tru-D)

N. Mahida; N. Vaughan; T. Boswell; Infection Prevention and Control Department, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK; J of Hosp Infect, 2013 05(005) 1-4

C.Diff, MRSA, Tru-D Specific Data, UV Disinfection, UV Reflective Coating

Rapid Hospital Room Decontamination Using Ultraviolet (UV) Light with a Nanostructured UV-Reflective Wall Coating

William A. Rutala, PhD, MPH; Maria F. Gergen, MT (ASCP); Brian M. Tande, PhD; David J. Weber, MD, MPH; Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2013, Vol 34(5) 527-529

C.Diff, Tru-D Specific Data, UV Disinfection, VRE

Decontamination of Targeted Pathogens from Patient Rooms Using an Automated Ultraviolet-C-Emitting Device

Deverick J. Anderson, MD, MPH;1,2 Maria F. Gergen, MT (ASCP);3 Emily Smathers, MPH;2 Daniel J. Sexton, MD;1,2 Luke F. Chen, MBBS, MPH;1,2 David J. Weber, MD, MPH;3,4 William A. Rutala, PhD, MPH;3,4 CDC Prevention Epicenters Program

C.Diff, Tru-D Specific Data, UV Disinfection, VRE

Decontamination with Ultraviolet Radiation to Prevent Recurrant Clostridium Difficile Infection in Two Roommates in a Long-Term Care Facility

Brett Sitzlar, BS; Ravy K. Vajravelu, BS; Lucy Jury, NP; Curtis J. Donskey, MD; Robin L.P. Jump, MD, PhD; Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol, 2012, Vol 33(5) 533-536

C.Diff, Tru-D Specific Data

Terminal Decontamination of Patient Rooms Using an Automated Mobile UV Light Unit

John M. Boyce MD; Nancy L. Havill, MT; Brent A. Moore, PhD; Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2011, Vol 32(8) 737-742

  • Tru-D is environmentally friendly — using no chemicals while killing germs in the hospital. This high-powered ultraviolet light has moved cleaning rooms and equipment to a higher level. We want our patients to have the safest health care we can provide.

    Sonya Ehrhardt

    Director of Infection Prevention and Control — Regional Medical Center (Orangeburg, South Carolina)

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  • Covenant Medical Center and Satori Medical Center are using Tru-D to combat hospital-acquired infections in patients rooms, operating rooms, labor and delivery units and the pediatrics unit. The robots are also very portable and can be deployed at our other faculties as needed.

    Randy Vorland

    Director of Environmental Services — Covenant Medical Center & Satori Medical Center

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  • The efforts of housekeeping in implementing several new processes and technologies, such as Tru-D, has really helped to reduce the incidence of health care-acquired infections.

    Anne Myron

    Infection Control Practitioner — Palos Community Hospital

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  • The acquisition of this technology is simply another way that we’re working to protect the integrity of our health care environment, and ultimately, safeguard the well-being of every single patient who walks through our doors.

    Susan Cistulli, R.N., CIC.

    Director of Infection Prevention and Control at O’Connor Hospital

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  • “We have experienced major savings due to the reduction in overall infections. We attribute the reduction in infections to evidenced-based practice changes. High on the list of interventions is the judicial use of Tru-D on rooms that bed patients and a nightly rotation in the surgical suites.”

    Nancy Osborn

    RN and Manager of Medical Center of Central Georgia’s Prevention and Control Center

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  • “Tru-D offers an abundance of health benefits. Our facilities are committed to providing the highest quality medical care, and we are pleased to offer this innovative solution as one of the many ways in which we bolster the well-being and safety of our staff and patients.”

    Tim Bricker

    President and CEO of Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert Medical Centers

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  • “When we had isolated disease clusters in our burn unit and ICU, disinfecting the rooms with Tru-D halted both outbreaks.”  

    Terry Burger, MBA, RN

    Director of Infection Control & Prevention at Lehigh Valley Health Network

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  • Tru-D SmartUVC™ is engineered to kill the nasty bugs that live on surfaces in hospital rooms. Research shows that UV light can kill bugs, MRSA, C. diff, Acinetobacter and bacteria that traditional scrubbing with disinfectants just don’t kill. It (UVC light) bounces off surfaces and kills everything.”  

    Travis Stork

    ER physician and co-host on The Doctors

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  • “Increased evidence in scientific literature indicates that Tru-D disinfection technology has the power to disinfect entire rooms and render common hospital pathogens, such as influenza, norovirus and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, harmless.”  

    Mario Soares

    Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Houston Methodist

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  • “We are always on a mission to find new and improved ways to protect our patients from superbugs. This is shaping up to be a worse than average season for norovirus and the flu, and using UV light disinfection devices allows us to help contain outbreaks in our...

    Dr. Elizabeth Bryce

    Regional Medical Director of Infection Control/Medical Microbiologist at Vancouver General Hospital

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