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Getting to Know Superbugs: C. diff

Clostridium difficile, or C.diff as it’s commonly known, is one of the fastest growing superbugs in the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are more than 500,000 C. diff cases reported and more than 29,000 C. diff-related deaths each year within 30 days of diagnosis. C. diff

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Posted 06.29.16
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Pocono Medical Center Strengthens Already Stringent Infection Prevention Protocols with Germ-fighting Robot

In an effort to proactively address the issue of hospital-acquired infections and to bolster its existing strong commitment to patient safety, Pocono Medical Center has invested in a germ-eliminating robot called Tru-D SmartUVC. Pocono Medical Center, a not-for-profit regional leader in healthcare for Monroe County, Pennsylvania and surrounding residents, delivers

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Posted 06.22.16
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APIC 2016: Recap, News and Highlights

The annual APIC conference was held June 10-13 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Leading infection preventionists from across the country gathered to learn about the newest practices and technologies to keep patients and staff safe in their hospital facilities. Tru-D enjoyed meeting attendees and learning from leading researchers in health care.

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Posted 06.15.16
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A New Superbug Has Arrived, But It Can’t Withstand UV


A new superbug, resistant to antibiotics, has been discovered. While this is a major cause for concern for health care professionals and patients alike, there is good news— UV disinfection is universally fatal to organisms, including this new strain of E. coli.  UV light is destructive to DNA and RNA. If you

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Posted 06.14.16
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Dev Anderson Confirms Use of Tru-D Reduces Relative Risk of Infections by 30 Percent

duke UV robot

A recent article in the Charlotte Observer reports and confirms Tru-D’s effectiveness in reducing HAIs and keeping hospitals safer. The article noted that, “The most effective strategy combined an extra-deep cleaning – covering at least 90 percent of surfaces – followed by UV irradiation using a 5 1/2-foot-tall robot called Tru-D

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Posted 06.09.16
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