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Tru-D SmartUVC Shown to Provide Reduction in Patient Infections


In an abstract presented at IDWeek 2016, researchers presented findings on the effectiveness of Tru-D in reducing patient infections. Short for “total room ultraviolet disinfection,” Tru-D provides complete room disinfection operating from a single position with a single cycle of UVC light energy. According to the researchers, in the past

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Posted 10.26.16
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CDC-Validated Tru-D SmartUVC to Exhibit at IDWeek 2016


The only UV disinfection robot validated by a CDC-funded randomized clinical trial, Tru-D SmartUVC will attend and exhibit at IDWeek, October 27-29 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tru-D invites IDWeek attendees to its booth #723 to learn how Tru-D is proven to reduce hospital-acquired infections, not only from patient to patient,

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Posted 10.19.16
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Minimize Infections. Maximize Productivity.


When it comes to UV disinfection, shorter doesn’t mean better. Fixed cycle times can lead to missed areas, introduce human error in the process and decrease productive time. Tru-D, short for total room ultraviolet disinfection, ensures total room disinfection from a single position and single cycle of UV light. That

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Posted 10.12.16
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AHE Takeaways: Dr. William A. Rutala’s Presentation


During a presentation at the 2016 AHE Exchange last week, Dr. William A. Rutala discussed the importance of no touch automated disinfection technologies. In his presentation, he discussed that in the last 15 years, we have learned a lot about the role of the environment in disease transmission. According to

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Posted 10.05.16
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