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Tri-State Memorial Welcomes Tru-D to its Team

Tru-D Action

From Tri-State Memorial Hospital: We would like you to meet our newest team member at Tri-State Memorial Hospital in Clarkston, WA!  You might find this team member lurking behind closed doors of patient rooms, operating rooms, storage rooms or other areas with a strange blue glow coming from underneath and

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Posted 02.15.17
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St. Charles Trials Tru-D To Reduce Infections

St. Charles Bend has started a 45-day trial of Tru-D SmartUVC in an effort to proactively reduce infection rates at its facility. If the pilot test goes as planned, the hospital will likely buy three of the devices, using them to clean hospital rooms throughout the day and then disinfect operating

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Posted 02.09.17
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Why Duke Chose Tru-D for the BETR-D Study

BETR-D Shield

Tru-D was selected by Duke University and the BETR-D Research Team as the only automated disinfection system to be included in the first randomized clinical trial on UV disinfection after initial internal trials on Tru-D proved reliable, repeatable results. Tru-D is able to provide a consistent baseline of disinfection through its Sensor360®

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Posted 02.08.17
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Tru-D SmartUVC Awarded Supplier Contract with Vizient, Inc.

Tru-D SmartUVC recently signed a supplier contract agreement with Vizient, Inc., the largest member-owned health care company in the country. Vizient serves a diverse membership and customer base that includes academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers. “Becoming an approved Vizient supplier

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Posted 02.02.17
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UV Light Can Aid Hospitals’ Fight to Wipe Out Drug-Resistant Superbugs


From Science and Technology Research News:  A new tool — a type of ultraviolet light called UVC — could aid hospitals in the ongoing battle to keep drug-resistant bacteria from lingering in patient rooms and causing new infections. Some hospitals have already begun using UVC machines in addition to standard

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Posted 02.01.17
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