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Tru-D Joins Team at St. Joe’s Toronto


The following article recently appeared in Hospital News: When you visit the hospital, you’re there to get healthy – not to catch something that makes you sicker. But more than 220,000 people get hospital-acquired infections every year in Canada because of being in close proximity to others who are ill.

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Posted 09.28.17
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Tru-D to Attend and Exhibit at 2017 IDWeek

Tru-D IDWeek Square_PRE

The first and only UV disinfection robot validated by a CDC-funded randomized clinical trial, Tru-D SmartUVC will attend and exhibit at IDWeek, October 4-8, 2017 in San Diego, California. Tru-D invites IDWeek attendees to its booth #647 to learn how its technology provides thorough room disinfection, reduces the risk of

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Posted 09.26.17
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Tru-D Discusses UV Disinfection with eHealth Radio

Tru-D Director Program Management Cathy Campbell

Tru-D’s Director of Program Management Cathy Campbell recently sat down to talk about UV disinfection with eHealth Radio. Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Cathy Campbell discuss the following: What is UVC disinfection and how long has it been used in health care facilities? How does UVC help to reduce hospital-acquired infections?

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Posted 09.20.17
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Q&A with Dan Magnusson, Florida Hospital Altamonte


How long have you had UVC at Florida Hospital Altamonte? At Altamonte, we’ve been running our UVC  for over a year now. We started off initially exploring all the different technologies that were out there in the market. We weren’t quite sure how that would’ve fit into our work flow

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Posted 09.13.17
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New Whitepaper on UV Disinfection

Enhanced disinfection strategies have become a focal point in health care as recent studies have shown that manual cleaning is not enough to stop the spread of pathogens in hospital settings. Not only do hospital-acquired infections affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients each year, but they also

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Posted 09.11.17
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