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The Gift of Safety


Are you giving your patients and staff the gift of safety this holiday season? Hundreds of hospitals throughout the U.S. are using effective, chemical-free UVC energy to help fight hospital-acquired infections. Tru-D, short for “total room ultraviolet disinfection,” kills unwanted germs like C. diff, MRSA, Ebola, the flu, VRE and other

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Posted 12.12.18
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Hospitals are using Tru-D to fight the Flu

UVC Dimerization

With the current flu epidemic plaguing the U.S., many hospitals are turning to UVC disinfection robots to help stop the spread of the flu. “Last year was just a horrible season,” Daniel Jernigan, head of the CDC’s influenza division, said during a media call. “It was just a tremendous amount

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Posted 12.05.18
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