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The Evolution of UVC Technology: Part One


Since the first and only randomized clinical trial on UVC disinfection was published in January 2017, a lot has changed in the industry and the way researchers are referring to the technology. What once raised questions of its effectiveness is now being encouraged by notable researchers for facilities to adopt

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Posted 02.13.19
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Tru-D and Measles


In 2019, there have already been 79 cases of measles confirmed in 10 states, and there are currently three outbreaks (defined as three or more cases) of measles in the US—New York City, New York State and Washington State. Fast Facts: Measles is an acute respiratory disease caused by a

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Posted 02.08.19
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Tru-D appears on The Good Doctor

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When was the last time you or a loved one had to spend time in the hospital? When loved ones are in the hospital, all stays are scary. Tru-D, an enhanced terminal room disinfection strategy, is a critical step in maintaining a clean and germ-free health care environment. Tru-D recently

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Posted 02.05.19
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