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North Canyon invests in Tru-D UVC Disinfection Technology

North Canyon

Recently, North Canyon Medical Center received a Tru-D device to help keep the facility clean by getting rid of germs. The Tru-D robot is used after a patient leaves the hospital. Cleaning crews go in the room first, then the Tru-D device is rolled in to remove any remaining germs. Public information

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Posted 03.18.21
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Investing in a cleaner health care environment: Abbeville General

tru-d at st francis

As a 60-bed acute care, rural hospital, Abbeville General is committed to providing access to quality care close to home in a safe environment to the residents of its community and surrounding areas, and to be recognized as the health system of choice for Vermilion Parish. Abbeville General strives for

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Posted 03.10.21
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Shining a light on sterile processing


Studies have shown that germs and pathogens can live anywhere. While disinfecting patient rooms and ORs is paramount, attention should also be given to other areas of the hospital, including sterile processing. “Sterile processing is the first link in the infection prevention chain. Improperly or inadequately cleaned, disinfected and sterilized

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Posted 03.04.21
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