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Tru-D Partners With PSQH for a COVID-19 Educational Webinar


Tru-D® SmartUVC, a PDI solution, is excited to participate in the Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare Webinar on UVC Disinfection on Thursday, January 20, 2022,  at 1:00 PM EST. Join Tru-D for an informative webinar on “COVID-19 Variants and Infection Prevention”. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to overwhelm our healthcare systems and present a

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Posted 01.13.22
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Don’t just check off the box when it comes to enhanced UVC disinfection

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When investing in enhanced UVC disinfection technology, it’s important to make smart purchasing decisions and understand the technology as well as the science behind its effectiveness. Some UVC disinfection methods rely on a fixed cycle time and/or multiple positions around the room which can lead to inefficient disinfection and missed

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Posted 01.05.22
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