General Disinfection, Layered Approach

Human Factors Engineering (HFE): Level Set for a System Approach to Successful Surface Disinfection

EVS Worker Cleaning

Barriers to successful cleaning and disinfection include not only the products used but also the effective implementation of practice due to complex protocols in the healthcare setting. Trying to keep tabs on healthcare workers’ practices within a perpetually contaminated environment can be a daunting task.  Compliance with disinfection interventions is

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Posted 06.01.22
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Disinfection, Layered Approach, Tru-D Technology

Single Placement UVC Technology Allows Staff to Work More Efficiently


Time and staffing are critical commodities in health care, and anything that can be done to improve efficiencies is important. Just like every hospital room is different, not all UVC disinfection devices are created equal. The Tru-D robot is the only UVC device of its kind with patented Sensor360® technology

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Posted 05.23.22
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Industry News

Accelerated Learning: Being a Student Nurse During the Pandemic


As anyone who has ever gone through nursing school knows, being a student nurse is not easy during the best of times. Throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix and it becomes something even more difficult. Student nurses face a steep learning curve that can be very overwhelming but having

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Posted 05.16.22
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Tru-D News

Tru-D to Exhibit at APIC June 2022 Conference


Tru-D, a part of PDI’s market-leading environment of care solutions, is proud to partner with APIC as a Strategic Partner for their 2022 Conference, June 13-15,2022. This three-day virtual conference allows health care professionals the opportunity to discuss pressing issues relating to cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization, while advancing their knowledge

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Posted 05.05.22
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Disinfection, General Disinfection, Tru-D News, Tru-D Technology

UVC Disinfection: Promising Technology or a Gimmick?

Tru-D UVC device in a room 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the focus on cleanliness, particularly in health care. This includes an increased interest in technology such as UVC disinfection. A recent article1 reviewed the benefits and limitations of UVC disinfection and its use in health care. It is well known that approximately 50% of surfaces

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Posted 05.04.22
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