A New Year to Commit to Patient Safety and a Germ-free Environment

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 01.02.19


Jennifer Picker, Manager of Program Management

With a new year comes a new opportunity to make a commitment to patient safety and a clean, germ-free hospital environment.

Join hundreds of other hospitals around the country who have invested in UVC technology to help combat the incidence of hospital-acquired infections. Facilities such as Oneida Healthcare, which dropped its C. diff rate by 70%, and Providence St. Peter Hospital, which saw its surgical-site infection rate drop to zero, have experienced real-world results using UVC disinfection.

“Though actual cost savings from HAI avoidance can be difficult to quantify, we know from national statistics that HAIs can cost an average of $15,000, so we do believe those savings are real,” Mary Parry, Chief Operating Officer of Oneida Healthcare, said.

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Posted 01.02.19
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