AHE Takeaways: Dr. William A. Rutala’s Presentation

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 10.05.16

During a presentation at the 2016 AHE Exchange last week, Dr. William A. Rutala discussed the importance of no touch automated disinfection technologies.

rutala-at-aheIn his presentation, he discussed that in the last 15 years, we have learned a lot about the role of the environment in disease transmission. According to Rutala, “Sometimes we label areas high risk – tray tables, sink, side rails, call box, chair, etc. – however, no one has ever identified these objects as more likely to be involved in transmission of disease. We absolutely do not know what is more high risk, so we have to focus on all surfaces. Given this data, all room surfaces must be disinfected.”

Further, according to Rutala, we know there are epidemiologically important pathogens (EIPs), and surfaces are contaminated by these EIPs. In order to rid the environment of these, we must take a proactive approach and use cutting-edge technologies and strategies. First, we need to improve the thoroughness of cleaning. By improving how well we are manually cleaning the environment, we can help reduce the transmission of superbugs from patient to patient. “We need to get as close to 100% as possible. If we don’t thoroughly clean the room, we could increase risk of infection by 100%, 200% or even 300%,” said Rutala.

Rutala then began to stress the importance of no touch automated disinfection technologies, stating, “It is of the utmost importance the audience understand, of the no touch technologies we are speaking to today, all are supplemental technology and not in lieu of good manual surface disinfection practices.”

Used after manual cleaning processes are completed, automated no touch technologies such as Tru-D are then used for terminal room disinfection. Numerous studies have proven the efficacy of Tru-D and UVC technologies, and Rutala urges attendees to consider them in their infection prevention plans. The only UV disinfection device to guarantee total room disinfection from one position and one cycle of UV light, Tru-D was the only device of its kind selected for the first-ever randomized clinical trial on UV disinfection because of its Sensor360 technology that eliminates human error.

“Enhanced disinfection technology should be used. If you don’t already have it, you need it in your budgets,” said Rutala.

For more information on choosing a no touch disinfection device, click here.

Posted 10.05.16
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