Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center has taken a big step toward securing its cleanliness and disinfection capabilities by adding a Tru-D robot to the environmental services staff. Kathe Miranowski, director of quality/risk management/infection control at CVRMC, stated that adding the technology of ultraviolet light disinfection to their cleaning and disinfection program is another way of saying, "We are here for you, we care about you and you are important to us." James Fajardo, director of environmental services, is also excited to have the Tru-D technology on board. Fajardo stated that the hospital made a large investment and that staff will be implementing a program that will ramp up slowly with a goal of 100% utilization of the device. “As I specialize in cleaning and disinfection, I can tell you from experience in many hospitals, that CVRMC keeps itself on the leading edge of disinfection technology,” Fajardo said. “Adding the Tru-D robot keeps this hospital and community in front when it comes to complementing existing protocols and adding extra layers of cleanliness for our facility."