Over the past couple of years, EVS workers have demonstrated what a critical role they play in maintaining a clean health care environment. We applaud each of them and thank them during EVS week. This week, we want to highlight and lift up outstanding EVS personnel who are going above and beyond to make a difference during these very challenging times. These are our true heroes. Patricia Dodson Tru-D Operator Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta, GA How long have you been in your position? I've been working there a year now. What do you enjoy about your job? I enjoy being around my co-workers What’s the biggest benefit of using the Tru-D robots? The biggest benefit of using the Tru-D robot is knowing that all the microorganisms are dying with a blink of the light. When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing? On my off days, I enjoy catching up on my sleep and spending time with my family and grandkids. Thank you, Patricia, for all of your hard work! Do you have an exceptional Tru-D operator you would like us to feature? Email us at marketing@tru-d.com.