Many Tru d classic devices

tru-dDuring EVS week, we want to thank our Tru-D device operators who work tirelessly to ensure the cleanest healthcare environments possible! Meet our Top 5 users in terms of the number of Tru-D device cycles performed this year. The EVS team at Children’s Mercy Adele Hall Campus has been hard at work along with its fleet of Tru-D UVC disinfection devices to make sure that the facility is as clean as possible. Between January 1 and June 30, 2022, the four Tru-D device operators ran a total of 28,156 Tru-D device cycles—that’s more than 150 cycles per day among Children’s Mercy’s fleet of four Tru-D devices!


Thanks to the support from its top leadership, Children’s Mercy’s disinfection program is a top priority for its EVS team, and it continues to hit its target goals. Children’s Mercy has the No. 1 Tru-D device program in the country when comparing the number of devices and cycles performed!

Children’s_Mercy_Hospital_Adele_Hall_Campus,_Kansas_City,_Mo.,_2014“Children’s Mercy Kansas City is the shining example of how the EVS team works hand-in-hand with other departments to consistently have high Tru-D device usage,” Jennifer Picker, program manager for Tru-D Smart UVC, said. “Having the top UVC disinfection program in the country is a testament to the diligence and dedication of Children’s Mercy’s EVS team who works hard behind the scenes to provide a clean health care environment. We applaud their hard work and look forward to seeing their continued success”.


If you’re not familiar with the Tru-D devices, they are automated UVC disinfection robots that work in tandem with a facilities EVS team to add an extra layer of cleanliness to already rigorous protocols. Once a room has been thoroughly cleaned by our EVS team, the Tru-D device is rolled into the room to complete the process. Using UVC light energy, the robots ensure that no microorganisms are left behind and that each space is as clean as possible. Once the Tru-D robot completes a UVC disinfection cycle, she is moved to the next room to continue her mission to keep our facility spic and span. Please join us in congratulating Children's Mercy’s EVS team on their success, and we thank them for their diligence in maintaining high levels of cleanliness for the hospital!


In addition to Children’s Mercy, meet our other top Tru-D device users.


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