Winona Health in Winona, Minnesota, has a new member of its EVS team - the Tru-D UVC disinfection robot. Angela Bronk, EVS administrative assistant and part of the team, agreed that the Tru-D device is a "solid contributor and a real team player. The Tru-D robot is good at getting into the tightest spots that others have a hard time reaching—even those who have the tiniest of fingers. That UVC light is hard to compete with.” The Tru-D robot assists staff in cleaning areas throughout the hospital and clinic. Some say they may have spotted staff doing what appears to be dancing with the Tru-D device from room to room. “Ultimately, the Tru-D system (which stands for Thorough Room Ultraviolet Disinfection), provides another layer of disinfection to enhance the EVS team’s already thorough work,” explains Jerry Kouba, EVS coordinator. Winona Health is a community-owned, not-for-profit health care provider governed by a volunteer board of local community members. Click here to read more.