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SmartUVC disinfection just got smarter: Meet the Tru-D iQ Tower!

Tru-D iQ Tower in Action

With intuitive UVC dosing, faster cycle times and a rising bulb array to maximize UVC exposure, Tower is the most powerful component of the Tru-D iQ system. Using Sensor360® technology, the device measures and calculates an accurately timed UVC cycle, providing the precise, required dose of UVC needed for thorough room

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Posted 03.23.23
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Disinfection, General Disinfection, Industry News, Layered Approach, PDI, Tru-D Technology

Introducing the Tru-D iQ system: The next generation of next-level disinfection  

In 2007, Tru-D SmartUVC launched the first automated, no-touch UVC disinfection device in the market. Now part of PDI Healthcare’s environment of care solutions, the iQ system continues the Tru-D SmartUVC tradition of and commitment to enhanced, thorough room disinfection with improved cycle times, an auto-deployed bulb array and other

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Posted 03.20.23
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UVC leader introduces revolutionary new robotic system to provide healthcare facilities and environmental services (EVS) teams with powerful, efficient and smart disinfection solutions

Tru-D iQ System for UVC Disinfection

Tru-D® SmartUVC, a PDI Healthcare environment of care solution, has launched the next generation of intelligent UVC disinfection products—its most advanced innovation in fifteen years. A pioneer in the UVC disinfection industry, the Tru-D technology was introduced to the healthcare industry in 2007 and continues to be a leader in

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Posted 03.15.23
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The partnership between EVS and IP


Decision-making in health care typically benefits from a multi-disciplinary approach. The expertise and considerations presented during a decision-making process by those with different perspectives and backgrounds provide insights that may not otherwise be shared. The partnership between IP and EVS, including representatives from leadership and frontline staff, ensures that issues and concerns

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Posted 02.14.23
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The Science behind Shadows and Measured UVC Dosing

tru-d at st francis

The Tru-D® device's cornerstone for success is the power to measure the proper UVC dose needed for thorough room disinfection, resulting in the ability to disinfect in both direct (line-of-sight) and indirect (shadowed) areas. A disinfecting dose of UVC is a function of time and intensity. The Tru-D device’s  technology will never compromise

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Posted 01.09.23
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