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A Bundled Approach to Infection Prevention Can Reduce CDI Rates

UVC Dimerization

Evidence of the success of a bundled approach to HAI reduction can be seen in a recent paper from UNC Health Care. Using a multidisciplinary team to address diagnostic (testing) stewardship, isolation precautions, environmental cleaning and disinfection—including the use of UVC disinfection—antimicrobial stewardship and hand hygiene, over the course of

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Posted 09.05.18
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Real-world UVC Disinfection Success: Download a Free Whitepaper

HPN white paper

With HAI rates increasing, more superbugs discovered each year and increased financial accountability for infection rates, it’s critical for hospitals to provide the cleanest environments possible to protect patients and staff from infections. Learn how Providence St. Peter Hospital conducted a successful pilot program that led to purchasing and implementing

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Posted 08.29.18
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Clinically-validated Tru-D SmartUVC to Attend 2018 VA Environmental Programs Service Training Event

Clinically-validated UVC disinfection robot, Tru-D SmartUVC, will attend the 2018 VA Environmental Programs Service Training Event in Orlando, Florida, August 28-29, 2018. The conference will engage participants in a variety of management, leadership and operational issues and initiatives key to the success of an effective Environmental Management Services program. Validated by

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Posted 08.21.18
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One Comprehensive Solution to Keeping Our Veterans Safe


Veterans risk their lives to protect our freedom, and they deserve the highest level of care while in a hospital setting. Just as important as handwashing, manual cleaning and antibiotic stewardship are to preventing hospital infections and keeping our veterans safe, so is disinfecting the room from top to bottom. Tru-D’s

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Posted 08.15.18
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A Bundled Approach to Infection Prevention


Throughout this blog series, we have introduced you to Tru-D, discussed the BETR-Disinfection study as well as the BETR-Disinfection’s secondary analysis validating Tru-D’s ability to reduce hospital infections, facility-wide. However, Tru-D is not a stand-alone solution, but rather a complement to your infection prevention efforts, when implemented through a bundled

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Posted 08.08.18
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