Studies have shown that microorganisms can live anywhere. While disinfecting hospital rooms and ORs is paramount, attention should also be given to other areas of the hospital, including sterile processing. “Sterile processing is the first link in the disinfection chain. Improperly or inadequately cleaned, disinfected and sterilized instruments can introduce microorganisms into the operating room," said Alice Brewer, MPH, CIC, director of Clinical Affairs for Tru-D SmartUVC. Brewer said that just as with patient rooms and ORs, the key to a successful disinfection program, especially during a pandemic or outbreak, is to adhere to an integrated, layered approach. Combining stringent hand-washing, manual cleaning, and antibiotic stewardship along with enhanced disinfection technologies—such as UVC disinfection—can help provide the cleanest environment possible.  

Real-world Results

Melissa G. Morgan, MSN, RN, CIC, CSPDT, FAPIC, Senior System-wide Director for Infection Prevention & Sterile Processing for Cone Health, was aware of gaps in terminal cleaning for the Sterile Processing Department. She presented a business case to executive leadership who approved the funds following a successful pilot. Moses H. Cone purchased the Tru-D robot following the trial and currently uses the device in Sterile Processing, ensuring one of the most contaminated areas of the hospital is as clean as possible.


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