Trud-Straight-On-Stealth-BlackWhen considering UVC disinfection technology, it is important to choose a device that provides total room disinfection, even in shadowed areas or those not in direct line of sight. A measured, calculated UVC dose ensures that every surface in a room is disinfected. Tru-D uses patented Sensor360 technology, which calculates the precise, lethal dose of UVC energy needed to disinfect each unique space. Tru-D compensates for room variables, such as size, shape, and contents of the room, and floods the space with the appropriate amount of UVC light energy to disinfect the entire room. A recent study, “Ultraviolet-C decontamination of a hospital room: Amount of UV light needed,” which is currently in press in the Journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries, noted the importance of providing an adequate dose of UVC energy to disinfect a room. The study was conducted in Sweden and used disposable indicators to determine how much UVC energy various surfaces in a burn unit received. Tru-D was the device of choice used in the study. “The amount of UVC radiation that is received in surfaces depends on their locations in the room (ie distance from the UVC emitter) and whether any objects shadow the light. In this study, we suggest that quality controls should be used to assure that enough UVC radiation reaches all surfaces,” the study states. In conclusion, the authors stated, “The UVC dose received in a normally equipped burn ICU room after decontamination with a mobile UVC-emitting unit varies depending on the distance between the light source and the irradiated area and any objects in between that shadows. One must assure that an adequate dose has been received in shadowed and/or critical areas.” Click here to learn more.