HEALTH-FIRST-ROBOT-600-1Oneida Health System invested in the Tru-D technology in 2016. The Tru-D technology is used in Oneida’s operating rooms at end-of-day cleaning as well as in other areas of the hospital. “Our cleaning efforts are further enhanced by the use of Tru-D, a state-of-the-art ultraviolet light system which reflects throughout the room, killing any bacteria or virus that may have survived the terminal cleaning,” said Gene Morreale, CEO and president at Oneida Health. “It’s impressive technology that has proven effective.” According to Kevin Prosser, director of marketing and public relations for Oneida Health, using and operating the Tru-D device creates a feeling of accomplishment for the staff. In addition to using traditional cleaning tools such as a mop, they are also using UVC technology, which allows the staff to take more pride in the work they do. “The Tru-D program has created a tremendous amount of pride for our staff,” Prosser said. “Using Tru-D makes them feel like they have elevated their skill set and the services they’re providing the patient. It makes them more of a hero in their field.” To read more about the Tru-D technology, click here.