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Pandemic cleaning and disinfection: Keep your guard up as the public opens up


To ensure PDI and Tru-D continue to reinforce the importance of cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces to help prevent the spread of infection, we are excited to introduce two new resources for our health care heroes. Environmental Pandemic Cleaning: Keeping Your Guard Up as the Public Opens Up: Understanding the

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Posted 10.13.21
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Florida Hospitals Utilize Tru-D Robots for Peace of Mind


While Health First’s four hospitals are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by Environmental Services (EVS) staff, Brevard’s community health care system wants to do even more by adding the Tru-D robot, a remote-controlled machine that disinfects rooms with UVC light for even more patient protection. “Health First has invested in this disinfection

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Posted 08.25.21
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SARS-CoV-2 Variants: Tru-D and PDI Have you Covered


The Delta variant, one of several variants of COVID-19 in circulation throughout the world, was first identified in India and appears to be a more transmissible form of the novel coronavirus. According to the CDC, in late June, the seven-day moving average of reported cases in the U.S. was around 12,000. On July

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Posted 08.18.21
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You invested in a UVC disinfection system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now what?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and health care facilities started purchasing UVC disinfection systems for use on N-95 masks and other pandemic-specific initiatives. Now that the PPE shortage is behind us, and the world resumes some sense of normalcy, a lingering question is how are you leveraging your UVC disinfection

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Posted 07.19.21
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UVC technology complements existing cleaning and disinfection protocols


Cleaning and disinfection protocols are more important than ever. Hospitals and health care facilities are diligently working to ensure the health care environment is clean and germ-free to help stop the spread of harmful pathogens. In addition to manual cleaning processes, hospitals are implementing UVC disinfection technology to complement existing

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Posted 01.27.21
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