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A Solution that Delivers


No single approach can completely eliminate the environment of germs and pathogens. That’s why hospitals need multiple layers of defense – an approach known as “layering” or “bundling”— that combines manual cleaning together with enhanced terminal room disinfection to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. The Tru-D device’s patented Sensor360® technology calculates

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Posted 05.12.21
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Less Germs, More Smiles – Using UVC Disinfection in Children’s Hospitals

Given young patients’ higher risk of infection, among other factors, children’s hospitals in particular need higher levels of protection and cleaning. One promising approach is the use of UVC disinfection—exposing patient rooms or other spaces to ultraviolet-C light that kills or inactivates multidrug-resistant organisms. The Challenge Children tend to be

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Posted 05.05.21
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Cobre Valley adds UVC technology to its arsenal of disinfection protocols

CVRMC photo

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center has taken a big step toward securing their cleanliness and disinfection capabilities by adding a Tru-D robot to the environmental services staff. Kathe Miranowski, director of quality/risk management/infection control at CVRMC, stated that adding the technology of ultraviolet light disinfection to their cleaning and disinfection

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Posted 04.28.21
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Tru-D SmartUVC and PDI Healthcare join forces to provide comprehensive infection prevention solutions


Tru-D SmartUVC and PDI Healthcare joined forces in 2019 to provide an integrated approach to eliminating pathogens and providing the cleanest health care environments possible. The partnership is backed by robust clinical evidence and shows the importance of and value in an integrated approach to infection prevention. “Tru-D SmartUVC’s partnership with

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Posted 04.22.21
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Watch a video to learn how Abbeville General uses UVC disinfection technology


Abbeville General has added the Tru-D UVC robot, a pathogen-eliminating UVC disinfection device, to its already extensive list of cleaning protocols to provide patients and staff with a germ-free health care environment. The Tru-D device, now part of PDI Healthcare’s market-leading infection prevention solutions, is one way Abbeville General is

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Posted 04.14.21
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