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Stopping SARS-CoV-2 with UVC light energy

Pinedale photo

Pinedale Clinic in Pinedale, Wyoming, has added a UVC disinfection robot to its arsenal of cleaning and disinfection protocols. For the health care facility, the Tru-D device has an important mission – to disinfect a room, killing nearly all pathogens lurking on surfaces, including SARS-CoV-2. The Tru-D device is the only UVC

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Posted 01.14.21
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COVID-19, Disinfection, HAIs, Hospital News, Tru-D News, Tru-D Technology, Uncategorized

New Year, New Disinfection Goals


As we begin a new year plagued with the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals continue to look for ways to enhance and improve cleaning and disinfection protocols. Tru-D SmartUVC’s team works with hundreds of hospitals and health care facilities and systems throughout the U.S. to build disinfection programs to meet their unique

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Posted 01.07.21
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Spread Cheer, Not Germs


This holiday season, it’s more important than ever to help stop the spread of pathogens and germs. Thank you to all of the frontline workers who are relentless in providing exceptional patient care. From all of us at PDI and Tru-D, we applaud and appreciate you. May you and yours

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Posted 12.16.20
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Wayne Memorial uses UVC robots to help maintain a clean environment

Wayne County Memorial Hospital

Wayne Memorial’s Environmental Services Department has two new “employees” — state-of-the-art UVC robots. “These machines are very easy to use, effective, chemical-free and safe,” said Michelle Miller, manager Environmental Services. “They can be set to kill bacteria as well as spores like C. diff (Clostridioides difficile), and we plan to

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Posted 11.12.20
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Clay County Medical Center invests in UVC disinfection technology


Clay County Medical Center (CCMC) has partnered with Tru-D to raise the bar when it comes to the level of disinfection at CCMC. “In a time when cleanliness is essential for patient safety, Tru-D’s state-of-the-art technology assures CCMC that a room has been properly disinfected, therefore ensuring a safe environment

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Posted 10.28.20
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