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Celebrating 2022 International Infection Prevention Week

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International Infection Prevention Week, October 16-22, is dedicated to bringing awareness to ways we can all help to reduce the spread of microorganisms. As a UVC disinfection-focused company, we want to recognize and thank environmental service workers and those on the frontline, who every day dedicate their lives to high

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Posted 10.17.22
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Accelerated Learning: Being a Student Nurse During the Pandemic


As anyone who has ever gone through nursing school knows, being a student nurse is not easy during the best of times. Throw a worldwide pandemic into the mix and it becomes something even more difficult. Student nurses face a steep learning curve that can be very overwhelming but having

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Posted 05.16.22
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Tru-D Program Helps Elevate Staff Skill Sets, Empowers Employees to be “Heroes”

South Florida Baptist Hospital

Oneida Health System invested in the Tru-D technology in 2016. The Tru-D technology is used in Oneida’s operating rooms at end-of-day cleaning as well as in other areas of the hospital. “Our cleaning efforts are further enhanced by the use of Tru-D, a state-of-the-art ultraviolet light system which reflects throughout

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Posted 03.14.22
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Happy EVS week to all of our health care heroes!

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Over the past couple of years, EVS workers have demonstrated what a critical role they play in maintaining a clean health care environment. We applaud each of them and thank them during EVS week. This week, we want to highlight and lift up outstanding EVS personnel who are going above and

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Posted 09.16.21
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Why Keep Your UVC Disinfection Robot a Secret?


If your facility has implemented UVC disinfection technology, it's important to share your investment with your stakeholders. Tru-D SmartUVC partners with our hospital facilities to help build communication plans to educate others on the technology. Not only is UVC disinfection technology helping to keep your facilities cleaner, but it also

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Posted 09.02.21
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