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You’re Smart-Choose Smarter; Work Hard-Not Harder


While recent reports may suggest that the workforce shortage in healthcare is not only dire, but a recent phenomenon, this is not entirely correct. The United States is currently in its longest tenure of a nursing shortage in well over a hundred years, and a physician shortage of upwards of

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Posted 10.10.22
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Reaping the Rewards of a Layered Approach


What comes of compliance monitoring and performance feedback when results are good? Sharing the successes resulting from patient satisfaction initiatives remains a vital component of performance improvement because it validates the WHY behind the intervention as well as enhances sustained practice. One convenient way to capture performance and validate practice

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Posted 09.26.22
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General Disinfection, Layered Approach

Happy EVS Week! Meet the top Tru-D Device Users


During EVS week, we want to thank our Tru-D device operators who work tirelessly to ensure the cleanest healthcare environments possible! Meet our Top 5 users in terms of the number of Tru-D device cycles performed this year. The EVS team at Children’s Mercy Adele Hall Campus has been hard at work along

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Posted 09.12.22
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Compliance Monitoring and Feedback- Critical Components to Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection


In the previous blogs of the layered approach series, we discussed building high-reliability systems within healthcare systems alongside human factors engineering to minimize hazards and ensure good patient/quality outcomes and highlighted the importance of Infection Prevention (IP) and environmental services (EVS) partnership. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) bundle for

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Posted 08.30.22
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Layered Approach

The “Why” Behind a Layered Approach


Dovetailing on the previous Human Factors Engineering (HFE) blog, the Swiss cheese model in healthcare quality, published in The British Medical Journal in 20001, focuses on a systems approach to quality outcomes. While HFE works to optimize human performance within an operational system, what of the system itself and how

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Posted 08.16.22
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