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SmartUVC disinfection just got smarter: Meet the Tru-D iQ Tower!

Tru-D iQ Tower in Action

With intuitive UVC dosing, faster cycle times and a rising bulb array to maximize UVC exposure, Tower is the most powerful component of the Tru-D iQ system. Using Sensor360® technology, the device measures and calculates an accurately timed UVC cycle, providing the precise, required dose of UVC needed for thorough room

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Posted 03.23.23
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Disinfection, General Disinfection, Industry News, Layered Approach, PDI, Tru-D Technology

Introducing the Tru-D iQ system: The next generation of next-level disinfection  

In 2007, Tru-D SmartUVC launched the first automated, no-touch UVC disinfection device in the market. Now part of PDI Healthcare’s environment of care solutions, the iQ system continues the Tru-D SmartUVC tradition of and commitment to enhanced, thorough room disinfection with improved cycle times, an auto-deployed bulb array and other

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Posted 03.20.23
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UVC leader introduces revolutionary new robotic system to provide healthcare facilities and environmental services (EVS) teams with powerful, efficient and smart disinfection solutions

Tru-D iQ System for UVC Disinfection

Tru-D® SmartUVC, a PDI Healthcare environment of care solution, has launched the next generation of intelligent UVC disinfection products—its most advanced innovation in fifteen years. A pioneer in the UVC disinfection industry, the Tru-D technology was introduced to the healthcare industry in 2007 and continues to be a leader in

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Posted 03.15.23
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Celebrating 2022 International Infection Prevention Week

Word Clue Game Square

International Infection Prevention Week, October 16-22, is dedicated to bringing awareness to ways we can all help to reduce the spread of microorganisms. As a UVC disinfection-focused company, we want to recognize and thank environmental service workers and those on the frontline, who every day dedicate their lives to high

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Posted 10.17.22
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The Tru-Difference: The Tru-D Device’s Network Topography

Tru-D Portal

In the first part of this blog series, we discussed how to build a culture of UVC within your facility. In this post, we will share how the Tru-D team uses the device’s network topography to track utilization and success. The Tru-D device delivers your disinfection data automatically to your

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Posted 02.16.22
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