CDC-Funded BETR-D Study Gaining Momentum

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 05.09.16

Ahead of being published in late summer or early fall of 2016, the CDC-Funded Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room Disinfection (BETR-D) study is gaining momentum among the research community.

callout (1)Recently Clinical Practice Today stated, “Deverick J. Anderson, MD, an infectious disease specialist at Duke and lead investigator of the study, describes the effort as the first well-controlled study showing a ‘meaningful difference in patient outcomes.’  The effectiveness of UV light in killing germs is well known, but this trial is the first to focus on the positive results of study participants.”

Likewise, ISSA Today recently reported, “The results {of the BETR-D study} were impressive. Adding UV to ‘quats’ during terminal cleans led to a 32 percent reduction in HAIs. Adding UV to bleach led to a 37 percent reduction in HAIs. In summary, the study found that chemical disinfection alone is not enough.”

Tru-D was the only device of its kind selected for the BETR-D study due to its Sensor360 technology, which measures the needed UV dose required and eliminates any chance for human error.

To read more on the BETR-D study, click here.

Posted 05.09.16
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