Cell Phones & HAIs: All That Texting Could Make Someone Sick

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 09.07.16

A photo by Thom. unsplash.com/photos/Zdcq3iKly6gIt’s not just the room and environment that could be contributing to the spread of infectious diseases. A recent study found that of 100 mobile phones sampled, 30 were contaminated with bacteria. According to the findings, caregivers had the highest likelihood of carrying mobile phones that were contaminated, with the lowest rate among the nursing staff.

The study states, “Not all doctors clean their hands before or after using their phones, particularly if their phone rings whilst they are examining a patient. This exposes both themselves as well as their patients to risk of transferring infections.”

Since germs can live anywhere, on a phone, in a room corner or even under a table, Tru-D provides Total Room Disinfection to ensure that up to 99.9 percent of these pathogens are eliminated throughout the entire room. Operating from a single position and administering a single cycle of UV light, Tru-D takes whatever time is necessary to disinfect the room from top to bottom.

Individual hospital results may vary based on numerous factors including adherence to standard disinfection protocol.

To read more about Tru-D’s technology, click here.

Posted 09.07.16
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