CEO Chuck Dunn Named an Entrepreneur Who is Changing the Face of Everyday Healthcare Practices

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 01.10.18

Thrive Global has named Tru-D CEO Chuck Dunn one of the entrepreneurs who is changing the face of everyday health care. From Thrive Global:

“Every surgical procedure inevitably carries with it the ever-present risk of infection, which is why we round out our list with Chuck Dunn, a pioneer in the field of sterilization. His landmark use of short wavelength ultraviolet lights (UV-C) proved revolutionary in the quest to disinfect large hospital spaces. Dunn and his cohorts at Tru-D Smart UVC built a squad of robots to serve as the front line against bacteria by scrambling their DNA. The robots enter an operating room, emit UVC lights for approximately half an hour, and then stand back! Since the light beams consist of shorter wavelengths, they are able to bounce across every surface and penetrate heretofore hard to reach areas, sterilizing the entire room better than old-fashioned human scrubbing ever could. In fact, the robots were able to reduce bacterial infection by 30%. This procedure not only saves money in future health complications, it could also save lives.”

To read more and see who else made the list, click here.

Posted 01.10.18
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