East Jefferson General Hospital Employs Germ-Fighting Robot

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 08.27.15

The first hospital in the region to make the Tru-D Smart UVC system part of its cleaning regimen, East Jefferson General Hospital has taken a tremendous leap forward in patient safety and care.

Tru-D is a 5’5” disinfection robot that generates UV light energy to disinfect 100 percent of the surfaces in a room, killing pathogens – including viruses, bacteria and fungi – that are often transmitted via high-touch surfaces and threaten patient outcomes.

Tru-D works in conjunction with traditional cleaning methods and can achieve 99.9 percent disinfection of all pathogens – eliminating guesswork, the possibility of hospital-acquired infections and the spread of certain contagions within the hospital.

Tru-D ensures a scientifically guaranteed clean, eradicating influenza, norovirus, C. diff, MRSA, CRE, Ebola, MERS and other viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria.

With an estimated 1.7 million hospital-acquired infections occurring each year, EJGH is joining the ranks of premier health care institutions such as UNC Health Care, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health in adopting this ground-breaking technology to provide the best care possible.

“Tru-D gives us and our patients peace of mind in knowing an area not only appears clean but is clean,” Dr. Raymond DeCorte, EJGH Chief Medical Officer says. “This is the next great step in our ongoing pursuit of patient safety and care.”

EJGH has acquired Tru-D through the generosity of The Foundation at EJGH and its INSPIRE Grants Program.

About East Jefferson General Hospital
East Jefferson General Hospital is a publicly-owned, not-for-profit community hospital. This service district hospital, formed in 1965, receives no tax support from Jefferson Parish. The 420-bed hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and is Louisiana’s first Nurse Magnet hospital. For more information on East Jefferson General Hospital, visit online at http://www.ejgh.org.

Posted 08.27.15
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