Education is key to a successful UVC disinfection program

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 09.30.20

Tru-D-ultraviolet-room-disinfection-robot-04-15-2020When implementing a UVC disinfection program, communication is key among all stakeholders including environmental services, nursing, bed control and infection prevention. Get everyone involved, and ensure there is a multidisciplinary team on both the hospital side and the device manufacturer’s side.

It is also critical to communicate to your patients and community the benefits of UVC technology and how your facility is taking a proactive approach to ensure disinfection that goes beyond human capabilities to provide the cleanest health care environment possible.

Educating not only the staff but patients and the community has been key to bringing awareness to the precautions and protocols that a facility has in place to provide a germ-free environment. Many hospitals place tent cards in patients’ rooms to let them know the room has been disinfected with UVC technology prior to their occupancy. To educate staff and associates, UVC manufacturers provide visual introductions at new-hire orientation. This is in addition to adequate training for all operators. Furthermore, community education happens during conversations that a facility is able to have with local business owners and individuals within strategic communication plans.

During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, patients want to know that their health care facilities are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the health care setting is as clean and germ-free as possible. By sharing in your investment in UVC technology with the community, you can give patients peace of mind that they are receiving the highest-level quality of care in the cleanest environment possible.

“Our Tru-D robots have elevated our community to safety to a whole new level, and our community recognizes that,” Pam Lawrence, infection control practitioner for Lima Memorial Health Care System, said. “Adding Tru-D to our already robust infection prevention program demonstrates Lima Memorial’s commitment to a safe and germ-free environment for our patients and associations. Community members take pride in knowing the far-reaching impact their donations continue to have on the health and safety of our patients.”

Posted 09.30.20
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