Florida hospital expands disinfection program

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 06.02.21

South Florida Baptist Hospital’s germ-killing Tru-D device now has a partner and new companion! Trudi is the nickname for the facility’s Tru-D SmartUVC disinfection robot.

The hospital had one Trudi until several weeks ago when another Trudi was added. The Trudis use ultraviolet energy to attack infectious cells so they cannot reproduce. The Environmental Services Team (EVS) uses the Trudis to clean hospital rooms, operating rooms and other hospital areas.

The second robot gives South Florida Baptist Hospital the versatility to cover more areas of the hospital simultaneously. Because of the ultraviolet energy, the Tru-D devices clean rooms and areas that patients and team members have vacated and helps to prep the room for the next patient or procedure.

“The two Tru-D devices are especially helpful now since we have rooms that had COVID patients in addition to our regular isolation rooms,” said Mike, EVS manager for South Florida Baptist Hospital. “They can stop the spread of infections and lead to safe, clean, germ-free areas and environments. We’re a busy hospital, with more volume, the more (Trudis) you need.”

Posted 06.02.21
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