From Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry: Could a Disinfection Robot Help Tackle HAIs?

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 02.21.18

A recent article from Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry discusses the use of UV disinfection robots to tackle hospital-acquired infections in hospitals.

CEO and President of Tru-D SmartUVC Chuck Dunn was quoted saying, “Germs and pathogens can live anywhere—in shadowed areas, low-use spaces such as room corners, or around various surgical products tables—which is why every touchable surface should be a priority. Further, there is no evidence that any object in a room is more likely to cause an infection than another, and there is no correlation between touch frequency and microbial contamination load.”

When asked if packaged products are impacted by the use of UV, Dunn stated that “packaged products are not impacted. UVC does not penetrate paper or plastic and therefore will not have any effect on sterile medical devices in such packaging,” he explained. “Hospitals should follow their own policies on storage of sterile materials in rooms between patients.”

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Posted 02.21.18
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