Group Purchasing Organizations: A Win-Win Partnership for All

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 08.10.16

LeleseToday we have a guest post from one of our Regional Sales Reps, Lelese George.

According to the Healthcare Supply Chain Association, about 72 percent of purchases that hospitals make are done through group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts. Through GPOs, companies such as Tru-D are able to offer our customers tremendous value in buying and implementing our UV disinfection robot within your hospital. From lower pricing to value-based decision-making, GPOs allow customers to capitalize on volume buying, making it a win-win scenario for everyone involved:

 Volume purchasing agreement (Expense reduction)

  • Lower pricing
  • Price protection

Patient Safety Directives

  • Improve quality of products
  • Bring new technology and product solutions to the forefront

Strategic/Custom built business model

  • Based on customer budget
  • Product needs/wants
  • Patient satisfaction

Tailored specific models

  • Value based decisions
  • Understand and improve outcomes
  • Help achieve the goals of supply chain excellence

Tru-D’s biggest differentiator is that we work seamlessly into hospitals’ cleaning regimens without adding FTEs to support our technology. This brings unparalleled value to hospitals across the country as well as provides the safest healthcare environment possible.

To learn more, e-mail info@tru-d.com.

Posted 08.10.16
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