Hospitals See Increasing Need for Enhanced Cleaning Technologies

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 03.03.16

Health care-associated infections (HAIs) have been a topic of conversation for decades. However, with the more recent discovery of multidrug-resistant organisms such as C. diff, MRSA and VRE, the need to reduce the incidences of these pathogens has been elevated. Hospitals are now challenged with not only effectively and efficiently cleaning patient rooms and areas, but also with maintaining consistency. While various protocols and methods have been used and tested, environmental services professionals realize the increasing need for enhanced terminal room disinfection technologies.

To address these issues, many hospitals are turning to no-touch UV disinfection devices, such as Tru-D SmartUVC, and are seeing incredible reductions in infection rates. UV disinfection eliminates human error in cleaning strategies while killing up to 99.99% of pathogens that can linger in hospital rooms. While many units use UVC light, Tru-D is the only robot of its kind with patented Sensor360 that analyzes a room including size, shape and contents, to administer the proper germicidal dose of UV light to eliminate germs in the entire space, including shadowed areas.

“Tru-D SmartUVC is committed to helping hospitals proactively reduce HAIs and keep patients and staff safe and healthy,” said Chuck Dunn, CEO and president of Tru-D SmartUVC. “This is an exciting time for the UV disinfection industry and to see its impact on hospital quality of care.”

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Posted 03.03.16
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