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Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 12.04.17


One Cycle, One Placement, One Solution – the science proves the benefits of using Tru-D. But what does that mean in a real-world situation? Does Tru-D help real patients in real hospitals? It does. You’ve already heard about the experience at University of Wisconsin – 52% reduction in C. diff after adding Tru-D to their HAI prevention bundle. Now let’s take a look at success stories at other hospitals.

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare was one of the hospitals in the BETR-D study and chose to purchase Tru-D after the trial concluded. This is because during the trial, Chesapeake saw a significant decrease in both infection and colonization rates with all multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) and about a 12% decrease in C. diff infections during the arms of the study that included Tru-D and bleach.

A slightly different approach was taken by Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott, AZ. The facility had been seeing particularly high rates of C. diff in one unit, so for 38 days the team utilized Tru-D for every discharge on that unit. From the time the trial concluded in December 2016 until April of 2017 (the last time Yavapai reported data to Tru-D), there were no reported hospital-acquired infections in that unit.

Flagstaff Hospital in Flagstaff, AZ added Tru-D to their cleaning protocols in the OR, making it a standard part of their cleaning process. After three months of using Tru-D, the number of SSIs dropped to zero. Flagstaff Hospital conducted a cost savings analysis and concluded that using Tru-d saved them about $147,172 in SSI-related costs.

Evidence-based practice is the foundation of good clinical care, and the evidence supports the use of Tru-D. Whether through published scientific studies or real-world evidence in hospitals around the country, you can see that adding Tru-D to your manual cleaning processes and HAI prevention bundles creates cleaner, safer patient environments and improved patient outcomes.  It’s Tru.

To read more of the published studies and success stories from other hospitals, click here. For more information on the Power of One, click here.

Author: Alice Brewer, MPH, CIC

Posted 12.04.17
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