Join PDI + Tru-D SmartUVC for the first-ever meet and greet with the Tru-D iQ system

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 03.30.23

Tru-D iQ System for UVC DisinfectionThe Tru-D iQ system of connected products adapts to the needs of a wide range of space types to administer a precise dose of UVC. Using Sensor360® technology, Tru-D products provide trusted disinfection of hard, nonporous surfaces with remarkable speed and proven efficacy.

The Tru-D family of products is the only “smart” UVC disinfection system with Sensor360® technology that measures the reflected UVC energy that bounces back to the robot, allowing the Tru-D devices to provide a precise, lethal dose of UVC needed for thorough room disinfection.

The iQ system lineup 

Tower: Tower is the most powerful and intelligent device of the iQ system. It can be used by itself or together with its smaller counterpart, Scout.  

Scout: Scout is a compact, maneuverable component of the iQ system that provides thorough UVC disinfection in small spaces such as bathrooms. It can be used in conjunction with Tower or by itself.  

Controller: The Controller is the mobile command center for all iQ disinfection devices and connects to the Tru-D SmartHUB, an all-inclusive, web-based application that provides authorized users with the data, tools and resources needed to ensure each facility gets the most out of its enhanced disinfection program with the use of the Tru-D system. 

The full Tru-D iQ system will be available for a first-ever meet and greet at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2023 taking place April 1-4, 2023, in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more at booth #2637.

For more information, visit Tru-D.com/iq.

Posted 03.30.23
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