Makers of Tru-D SmartUVC to Discuss Importance Of UV Disinfection at AHE Conference

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 09.12.13

Leadership from Lumalier, makers of Tru-D SmartUVC™, will discuss with hospital leaders from around the country the benefits of adding the company’s 5-foot-five germ-killing robot to environmental services routines during the Association for Healthcare Environment’s Exchange 2013 Healthcare Marketplace on Tuesday, Sept. 17 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

The AHE Exchange provides industry leaders with the latest developments in environmental services. ARAMARK Healthcare − a company that delivers food, facility and clinical technology services that support the health care environment and impact the entire health care continuum − will exhibit next to Tru-D at AHE. Tru-D has been an ARAMARK partner since 2012 and both companies have worked together to deploy the UV disinfection robot in health care settings across the U.S. and Canada.

“After extensive research and due diligence, we selected TRU-D, the first UV disinfection system on the market, for its proven performance, ability to destroy targeted pathogens with repeatable outcomes and consistency in doing so while eliminating human error,” said Dave Carpenter, president of ARAMARK Healthcare. “Understanding HAIs implications for our clients, patients and employees, we know infection prevention is a critical component to driving positive outcomes and the prevention of HAIs.”

Tru-D works by generating UV light energy that modifies the DNA structure of an infectious cell. It is the only portable UV disinfection system on the market with Sensor360(TM) technology, which automatically calculates the time needed to react to room variables – such as size, geometry, surface reflectivity and the amount and location of equipment in the room – and effectively delivers a lethal from a single, central location in the room.

Tru-D allows hospitals to confidently clean and disinfect their patient environments, killing pathogens such as Clostridium difficile (C. diff.), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). Studies have shown that traditional disinfection methods are only 50 percent effective, leaving pathogens behind. After a hospital staff member cleans the room using traditional methods, Tru-D is rolled into the room to “finish the job.” The system can disinfect an entire room – including shadowed spaces – from one location, eliminating the need to move it to multiple places in the room. Its patented Sensor360 technology analyzes the unique variables of the room and floods the space (both line-of-site and shadowed spaces) with the proper dose of UV light energy.

“Tru-D entered the market in 2007 as the first portable UV disinfection robot specifically developed for killing pathogens in hospital settings,” said Chuck Dunn, president of Tru-D LLC. “UV disinfection hasn’t always been top of mind in the environmental services industry, but we’ve seen a huge boost in interest for our proven technology. We are eager to meet with health care leaders at AHE Exchange this year.”

Tru-D SmartUVC is the device of choice for nearly all of the existing independent research on UV disinfection technology, including an ongoing $2 million study funded by the Centers for Disease Control’s Epicenter Program study at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. More than 100 Tru-Ds have been deployed to disinfect hospitals across the U.S., Canada and Europe, including the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas.

For information and links to independent studies on Tru-D, click here.

About AHE
The Association for the Healthcare Environment represents, defines and advances the professionals responsible for the care of the patient environment to ensure quality patient outcomes and healthy communities. A professional membership group of the American Hospital Association, AHE serves more than 2,000 members. AHE provides education, networking and recognition for personal and professional achievements, as well as collaboration with the AHA on public policy and advocacy issues related to the healthcare environment. www.ahe.org

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Posted 09.12.13
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