Med Center of Bowling Green Invests in UVC Disinfection Technology

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 11.28.18

TRU-D at Bowling Green by Allie Hennard

Photo by Allie Hennard

The Medical Center of Bowling Green recently added an additional step to preventing infections and the spread of germs throughout the facility. The hospital purchased a Tru-D device which is being used in surgical suites, once a week per room, and in all isolating patient rooms.

“Once the patient leaves, we clean the room and then finalize the cleaning process by using the TRU-D disinfection robot. It is very important because they can be rest assured that their room has been cleaned and disinfected by this technology,” said Jonathan Phelps, Director of Environmental Services, Med Center Health.

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Posted 11.28.18
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