North Canyon invests in Tru-D UVC Disinfection Technology

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 03.18.21

Recently, North Canyon Medical Center received a Tru-D device to help keep the facility clean by getting rid of germs. The Tru-D robot is used after a patient leaves the hospital. Cleaning crews go in the room first, then the Tru-D device is rolled in to remove any remaining germs.

Public information officer for North Canyon, Shellie Amundson, said, “We’re really excited to announce, first of all, the installation of this Tru-D robot, but also that we are the first and only facility in the state of Idaho who has implemented the Tru-D robot.”

The UVC disinfection device is now being used for operating rooms and patient rooms; however, there are plans to use it elsewhere in the hospital later in the future.

Posted 03.18.21
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