Not all health care heroes provide clinical care

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 05.19.20

In addition to manual cleaning, hand hygiene and education, BayCare uses UVC disinfection technology to help stop the spread of germs in its facilities.

BayCare EVS Combats COVID_Article“We have 31 Tru-D units across the BayCare system,” said Dan Bennett, director for BayCare’s East Region Environmental Services. “This technology has proven to be an important added line of defense to protect the integrity of our environment and ensure enhanced patient outcomes.”

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Throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, much attention has been given to the health care heroes whovare on the frontline of the response to the virus. However, not all healthcare heroes provide hands on patient care.

Tru-D joins Navicent Health and other hospitals who recognize the Environmental Services (EVS) teammates who ensure its hospitals and outpatient facilities remain clean and virus free, minimizing the potential risk to those who rely on these health care facilities for care.

Posted 05.19.20
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