Tru-D® Operator Training & Recognition Program


Operator Training

Tru-D provides training for all employees, assigned by the facility, to operate the Tru-D device. All regulatory requirements for operator training are met by formal classroom training, hands-on experience and an operator competency quiz and checklist ready to file at the end of training.

A comprehensive Training Tool Kit will be left with the key contact at the facility for future “train-the-trainer” events. Training materials consist of learning presentations, learning transcript, standard operating procedures, competency checklist, certification quiz and certificate.

Cycles Certificate & Lapel Pin

Once training is complete, operators are awarded certificates for each tier of number of cycles completed as well as a letter of congratulations
from Tru-D. Operators will also be awarded a lapel pin after successfully
completing a certain number of cycles.

TD169 Achievement Award-Bronze copy

Cycles Completed Status

Operator Pins

Operator Recognition Program

Tru-D will recognize a Tru-D Operator monthly based on the most number of cycles completed each month. Operators will be featured on social media as well as Tru-D’s website including the operator name, photo (when available), hospital and number of cycles completed.

  • Tru-D was the obvious choice because we wanted something that was easy to use and reduced the probability of human error. We love the fact that our Tru-D robot doesn’t need to be repositioned to disinfect a specific area within a room.

    Mary Parry

    COO of Oneida Health Systems

  • We strive to ‘stay ahead of the curve’ when it comes to patient safety, so when evaluating disinfection processes, UVC application was a natural next step. Tru-D’s ability to assess the space and antimicrobial UV dosage was key in this decision.

    Mae Eichelberger

    Gibson Area Hospital

  • Having Tru-D in our facility helps ensure we are providing the safest environment possible for our patients and staff. We are consistently looking for proactive measures that we can take to remain on the leading-edge of technology and patient safety. Our environmental staff does an excellent job with...

    Jennifer Kramer

    Chief Clinical Officer of Wray Community Hospital

  • Using an iPad outside the room, our staff turns on Tru-D remotely and begins a single disinfection cycle. The robot is able to compensate for room variables such as size, shape and contents to deliver the precise dose of UV energy needed throughout the entire room. The technology...

    Josh Moore

    Vice President of Operations at Archbold Medical Center

  • Tru-D is the only UV disinfection system on the market that has been evaluated for effectiveness in a randomized clinical trial — conducted by Duke and funded by the CDC. We are pleased to now be able to offer this infection prevention technology to our patients and to...

    Gar Atchison

    CEO of Frye Regional Medical Center

  • The Sensor360® technology set Tru-D apart. Rather than estimating the necessary UVC dose or moving a unit to multiple placements in a room, Tru-D is able to provide a measured dose of UVC light to provide disinfection from a single cycle in a single location.

    Greg Rosenberger

    Hospitality Services Director of Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Florida