Patient Safety Awareness Week 2015

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 03.09.15

It’s all about patient safety here at Tru-D. Our UV disinfection robot was created based on the premise of protecting patients from deadly hospital-acquired infections. After eight years on the market, Tru-D’s purpose has evolved into a necessity to protect not only patients but hospital staff and visitors as well.

With 1.7 million patients infected annually, smart hospitals are realizing that human error is inevitable. That’s where Tru-D steps in! Even the robot itself is very safe, including its low-pressure mercury bulbs. Overall, health care organizations are making strides toward excellent patient safety standards. The National Patient Safety Foundation even supplies information to help patients become more engaged and informed.

We’re committed to being united in safety with all of our hospitals and will continue to assist health care staff by integrating Tru-D into patient safety plans. A clean room means less risk and increased safety for all patients.

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2015

Posted 03.09.15
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