Pulsed vs Continuous UVC Light

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 04.13.16

Pulsed and Unmeasured UV Light
Unlike any of its competitors, Tru-D safely and effectively destroys all pathogens in its path from a single position in the room without the risk of human error for calculating cycle time or placement. Xenon flash lamps and other unmeasured UV lights, while they may use UV-C lamps, have no way of calculating the UV dose needed for each location to determine the positioning or time necessary to disinfect accurately, nor can they reach shadowed or hidden surfaces. “There is more limited evidence of infection reduction by the pulsed-xenon system.” (Source: Infection Control Today).

Measured and Continuous UV Light
Tru-D is an automated, remotely operated system that self-adjusts to the size and content dynamics of any room to deliver the proper dose of UV light energy necessary for complete terminal disinfection. It works by generating and measuring UVC light to deliver a consistent dosage, which is proven to modify the DNA structure of infectious bacteria and spores, and eliminate the risk of transmitting infections through contaminated high touch surfaces. Tru-D’s leading edge Sensor360™ technology uses instrument grade sensors to measure the UVC that is deflected into shadowed and indirect areas for a terminal disinfection. As energy is deflected around the room, shadowed areas are reached and pathogens are eradicated ensuring a thorough disinfection outcome, every time.

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Posted 04.13.16
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