Q&A with Dan Magnusson, Florida Hospital Altamonte

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 09.13.17

How long have you had UVC at Florida Hospital Altamonte?

At Altamonte, we’ve been running our UVC  for over a year now. We started off initially exploring all the different technologies that were out there in the market. We weren’t quite sure how that would’ve fit into our work flow and what impact it would have. As we were looking at the marketplace, we looked at different vendors. And, one of the interesting things that I found out was one of the vendors was chosen by the CDC for their machine to be sent to West Africa during the Ebola outbreak, so I thought that was a pretty good recommendation, and  we went with that company.

In the past year, we’ve seen success. We haven’t had an SSI in our operating room since November of last year. And that one was in a colorectal case, where, you would always be afraid about SSIs because of the nature of the surgery that you’re undertaking at that time. So we are very pleased with what we have been doing for the past year-and-a-half.

In the past year-and-a-half, where have your focus areas been with UVC? Where have you been positioning it for the best results?

Initially we started off with training an environmental services person and one of my technicians that works nights and being limited in the ability to cover 10 rooms, we first thought, “Well, you know, if we get a room two or three times a week, we’ll be happy with that.” But as we went on, we realized it was important to cover all the rooms, and so we now cover all 10 rooms at least four times a week. And then we do special treatments in our spine room and in our orthopedic room and in our robotic rooms. So, we tend to do all rooms at least four times a week, and some of the other rooms depending on when they’re used are probably done almost every night. It’s important for us to get in there, position the machine appropriately, and then be assured that we’ve reached every nook and cranny in that room.

For more information, click here to watch the full webinar with Modern Healthcare.

Posted 09.13.17
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