St. Charles Trials Tru-D To Reduce Infections

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 02.09.17

St. Charles Bend has started a 45-day trial of Tru-D SmartUVC in an effort to proactively reduce infection rates at its facility. If the pilot test goes as planned, the hospital will likely buy three of the devices, using them to clean hospital rooms throughout the day and then disinfect operating rooms at night after the day’s surgeries are completed.

From the Bend Bulletin, “During the pilot test, St. Charles will first disinfect all the patient rooms on the medical floor, and then will use Tru-D primarily to clean the isolation rooms where patients with particularly nasty bugs reside. Staff use special protocols in those rooms to prevent transmission of germs to other patient rooms, and the cleaning crew takes additional steps to disinfect the room after the patient leaves.”

Research has proven that UV disinfection is an effective method of providing enhanced terminal room disinfection.

“It doesn’t replace cleaning,” said James Davis, an infection prevention analyst with ECRI, a firm that evaluates medical technology. “This goes on top of your standard process and gives you an added layer of security.”

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Posted 02.09.17
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