Successful Trial Leads to Tru-D UV Disinfection Robot Implementation

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 03.21.18

From The Bend Bulletin:

After testing an ultraviolet light disinfection system for five months last year, St. Charles Bend in Bend, Oregon has invested in three Tru-D SmartUVC devices that are now being used to kill harmful pathogens found around the hospital.

The Tru-D Smart UVC uses fluorescent light to disinfect a room at St. Charles in 2017. (Ryan Brennecke/Bulletin file photo)
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Since the start of the year, the hospital has used the devices to combat the flu virus and to disinfect a surgical tool sterilization room after a sewage pipe leak. But their primary task has been to reduce the cases of hospital-acquired infections, particularly a bacteria known as Clostridium difficile, which doctors often call “C. diff.”

“We have reduced the number of C. diffs that we’re seeing; that’s the good news,” said Randy Barnes, director of hospitality services at St. Charles Bend. “The bad news is we have seen a spike in C. diff coming in.”

St. Charles Bend has had so much success with Tru-D in certain areas of the hospital that it has expanded it to the entire facility and has even loaned a unit to St. Charles Pineville to test.

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Posted 03.21.18
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