Superbugs Continue to be on the Rise

Posted by Tru-D SmartUVC 09.29.16

hospital-backgroundAccording to a recent article in Becker’s Hospital Review, superbugs are on the rise, and many of the deaths due to these infections are not being tracked. In the U.S., the CDC reports that 1 in 25 patients contract a hospital-acquired infection during their stay. Further, according to the report, “The CDC estimates approximately 23,000 people die annually from 17 different types of antibiotic-resistant infections. Additionally, the agency also estimates 15,000 die each year from C. diff. According to Reuters, the actual numbers could be much higher.”

Stopping the spread of HAIs and reducing the number of deaths associated with these infections takes a strategic approach to better cleaning and requires enhanced technology to go beyond human capabilities.

In recent months, notable researchers have started to urge hospitals to invest in no-touch UV technology to ensure pathogens are eliminated from health care facilities.

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Posted 09.29.16
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