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iTru-D Tracks Utilization and Provides Real-time Disinfection Data

In addition to Tru-D’s Sensor360 technology, Tru-D also features iTru-D, an application that tracks utilization and simultaneously uploads the information to Tru-D’s web portal, providing instant access to real-time usage of the robot. Its intuitive controller allows for the ultimate in ease of use and documentation of the disinfection process. While staff are disinfecting with

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Posted 08.31.16
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June News Recap

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System announces Tru-D’s arrival Sarasota Memorial Health Care System recently announced the addition of Tru-D SmartUVC to its arsenal of infection control strategies. The 5-foot-5 ultraviolent robot will be used for everything from managing the care of potential Ebola patients to preventing day-to-day spread of dangerous

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Posted 07.08.15
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Shedding Light on Tru-D in a Big Way

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, the anchor of Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, in Sarasota, Florida, was one of the first hospitals in the state to deploy Tru-D. The health care staff incorporated Tru-D into disinfection routines, especially in high-risk areas, as an added layer of protection for patients. Local media took an interest in

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Posted 06.19.15
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March News Recap

We had another busy month at Tru-D with a trade show, several hospitals rolling out their disinfection robots for the first time, a new partner announcement and much more. A lot of exciting news was shared, so in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap: AORN Surgical Conference and

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Posted 04.01.15
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Sarasota Memorial Hospital Deploys Superbug-Slaying Robot to Protect Patients

Hospital one of first in Florida to add Tru-D SmartUVC to EVS team SARASOTA, Fla., March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Sarasota Memorial Hospital is the among the first of many hospitals in the state of Florida to recently deploy Tru-D SmartUVC™, the pathogen-eliminating robot that uses powerful ultraviolet light to eliminate

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Posted 03.11.15
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